Local Products

Local Products

Typical Amorgian products are Psimeni raki ( alcohol distilled from grapes known as Raki and various herbs from the island), Pastelli, Fava, Herbs, Soaps, and much more.  Try the Amorgean double- baked bread called “paximadi”,  and the tasty brown bread, “pavlos” and the cheese made from goat milk (the ones standing out are kefalotiri and mizithra). Local honey can be found in few shops or in villagers’ houses. You can taste delicious mushrooms and toadstools, the “manites”, juicy pears, olives, sun-drenched wine.


Local cuisine

The traditional Easter dinner, Easter roast lamb is stuffed with rice and giblets, dill and rosemary, braised in traditional wood oven. Also served at fests and formal occasions.
The patatato is the most famous traditional dish of Amorgos. Braised lamb with potatoes, all cooked together at red sauce, offered primarily in religious festivals and at weddings and other formal occasions. As a traditional food can be tasted in restaurants of the island.
“Xidato”,  soup served at festivals.
Also “Kalogiros” (eggplant with meat and cheese), “fava” and “kakavia” (fish soup).

“Xerotigano”, similar to the Cretan xerotigano, variation of “dipla” with rich decoration of cinnamon and toasted sesame seeds.
“Pasteli” made from sesame and honey with a dash of cumin, served on lemon leaves, ?ffered at weddings and christenings.

See interview about  local products and foods from Amorgos:



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Amorgiano Patatato

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