Amorgos has been known as the island of deep blue, because of the well known film of ‘Luc Bessons’ , Le Grand Bleu witch was filmed in the island. There is some tourist growth the last decade. So you can find less tourist facilities than in other islands. On the other hand there you can’t find the massive tourism that appears to other islands. It is far from the tourist current, keeping its authenticity and its traditional character,
offering to the visitors nice and quiet vacations.

The visitor will notice the unaffected nature environment, the wild beauty of the island, the traditional way of life, the picturesque villages. You will also notice beautiful churches, chapels, ancient cities. You will visit nice but in long distance with crystal waters.

The environment is especially healthy, at sweet climate and a bright sun. Some tens of thousands people visit the island every year, but the island seems too calm, because of the big area it covers. Bigger tourist development appears at Katapola, Hora and Aegiali and less at Kato Meria, offering every kind of facilities such as accommodation,
food, enjoy, sports. You can find enough accommodations to cover your needs, except maybe in the high season (August). You will also live the hospitality of inhabitants, proof that the traditional character of the island was kept alive by the tourist development. There are many taverns and restaurants, many of them offer traditional , local flavours. For your evening and night enjoy you can visit one of the plenty bars and clubs in Katapola and Aegiali. You can find many beaches, some of them are well organized, offering facilities for sports, sailing, food. You can tell apart Mouros, Ag. Pavlos,Ag. Anna.

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