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Track Altitude Information Length Type
Katapola – Chora Altitude range: 320 Meter (1 Meter to 321 Meter) Total climb: 320 Meter Total descent: 1 Meter 3.64 km one-way trip
Chozoviotissa – Aigiali Altitude range: 421 Meter (3 Meter to 424 Meter) Total climb: 423 Meter Total descent: 613 Meter 11.86 km one-way trip
Ormos Aigiali Roundtrip  Altitude range: 254 Meter (1 Meter to 255 Meter) Total climb: 326 Meter Total descent: 333 Meter 8.41 km round trip
Levrosso – Lighthouse – Tholaria  Altitude range: 214 Meter (-1 Meter to 213 Meter) Total climb: 308 Meter Total descent: 298 Meter 7.23 km round trip
Kalotaritissa  – Agia Anna – Sparti Bay – Bauxit Mines  Altitude range: 36 Meter (0 Meter to 36 Meter) Total climb: 147 Meter Total descent: 133 Meter 37.70 km one-way trip
Asfondilitis – Chalara  Altitude range: 312 Meter (24 Meter to 336 Meter) Total climb: 70 Meter Total descent: 308 Meter 2.63 km one-way trip
Stavros – Forest  Altitude range: 83 Meter (612 Meter to 695 Meter) Total climb: 125 Meter Total descent: 51 Meter 2.22 km one-way trip
Langada – Stavros  Altitude range: 455 Meter (216 Meter to 671 Meter) Total climb: 449 Meter Total descent: 22 Meter 4.91 km one-way trip
Kalotarissa – Levitha  Altitude range: 99 Meter (-72 Meter to 28 Meter) Total climb: 109 Meter Total descent: 109 Meter 73.91 km one-way trip
Katapola – Valsamitis – Chora – Katapola  Altitude range: 320 Meter (1 Meter to 321 Meter) Total climb: 471 Meter Total descent: 472 Meter 12.71 km round trip
Arkesini – Katapola  Altitude range: 258 Meter (4 Meter to 262 Meter) Total climb: 406 Meter Total descent: 648 Meter 11.30 km one-way trip
Chora – Aigiali  Altitude range: 433 Meter (3 Meter to 436 Meter) Total climb: 360 Meter Total descent: 613 Meter 11.90 km one-way trip
Donoussa – Roundtrip  Altitude range: 259 Meter (4 Meter to 263 Meter) Total climb: 565 Meter Total descent: 559 Meter 14.81 km round trip
Santorini (Vlikadha) – Amorgos (Kalotarissa) Altitude range: 16 Meter (-1 Meter to 15 Meter) Total climb: 55 Meter Total descent: 50 Meter 85.23 km one-way trip
Donoussa Vathi Limenari Altitude range: 118 Meter (5 Meter to 123 Meter) Total climb: 151 Meter Total descent: 177 Meter 4.46 km round trip
Donoussa Tour Altitude range: 377 Meter (5 Meter to 382 Meter) Total climb: 415 Meter Total descent: 417 Meter 9.34 km round trip

Some advice
* If possible, never hike all by yourself – take a (charged) cell phone with you – store important phone numbers yuo may need. You can also leave some information on where you go to at the reception of the hotel or with the people you stay with.
* Always take enough to drink, always wear hat to protect from the sun and use sun protection especially sensitive areas like  face and hands .
* Preferably, you should wear long trousers (against the thorny bushes) and some decent, closed shoes with strong soles. A map and a GPS device can be useful especially in high distance tracks. Start your trip early in the morning to take advantage of lower temperature If the indications for these hikes are not sufficient, and if you do get lost in one way or another, these suggestions might be able to keep you on the right track:

1. Many farmers tend to close off their own paths by means of a fence or some thorn bushes – in general you should never cross these blockings, as these paths usually come to an end on a field.
2. When you do get to one of those fields, never try to climb over the stone walls: this is not a good idea and in the end you will definitely have to turn back.
3. The tracks of donkey dung are usually very good guidelines: there are always a lot of these tracks (fresh or dry) on often-used, so good trails. This means that if you hesitate at a junction you always have to choose the path with most donkey tracks.

When planning your excursion take into account the total walking time which can be considerably longer (usually double) than actual walking time, due to pauses to rest, short stops to take pictures, visits, picnics, staying on a beach etc. Take in consideration your physical condition, if track is one way or round trip, how harsh and difficult is the track.

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