Kato Meria is one of the most beautiful sites of Amorgos. It is located at the Southest part of the island and it is an oasis of calmness and beauty. It is consisted of the villages Kamari, Vroutsi, Kolofana, Arkesini and Rahoula. All in all it has got 220 residents.

Agia Paraskevi is the protector saint of the area and of the entire island. The celebration of the saint’s name day is on the 26th of July and there is a big fun fair that starts on the previous day and there is offered food including the famous patatato.


The second village we come across is Vroutsi inhabited only by 45 people who are mainly involved in cattle-breeding. It is a scenery made up of little white houses with yards that send off the sweet fragrance of basil and carnation.


The Arkesini village is 15 kms. away from Chora In this village we come across little houses built at the slope of the white mountain Korakas. One thinks that they are about to slip and fall as then overlook the valley of Kato Meria and send off a sweet fragrance from their neat clean yards. The 100 inhabitants employ themselves in cattle raising and fishing, just like most of the people of the island do. Arkesini was one of the three most ancient cities of Amorgos and the tower of Agia Triada, which is invisible from the sea, was erected at the fourth century B.C. It is believed that this tower consisted one of the fortresses of the ancient city and was built to protect the local people from any sort of raids.


Going along the same road we reach Kolofana, which is 18 klms away from Chora. It has got 48 residents, cafe and rooms to let. It is a thinly built village with houses surrounded by yards and gardens in accoudance with the architectural style of Amorgos.

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