On rock, the highest point in the middle of the village of Chora, the Castle of the 13th century was built to tackle the pirates. At the entrance, you can see the chapel of Agios Georgios.

During the Venetian rule (1206-1537), the natural rock was fortified in 1207 by Andrea Jeremiah and aftadelfous Gyzi and Chora was extended to the South side of the castle. The internal paved square which still bear the Latin-based name “Loza”, and the main road, today’s “mesi”, which runs around the village, were created. all the village streets begin from the paved “mesi” and end at the Castle. Many are still portico – to protect the inhabitants that took refuge in the castle to save themselves from the pirates who ravaged the island until the middle of last century.

The few architectural relics of the Venetian age include the “Pirgos tou Gavra’ near Loza, which houses the Archaeological Collection of Amorgos and the “Kato Lakkos”, the arched vaulted cistern of the 15th century, to the north, the medieval cistern that watered Chora.

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