Giorti Pasteliou

When: 17/08/2012 (all-day)

“Pasteli”, traditional favorite sweet of Amorgos, is honored once a year. “Pasteli” on lemon leaves continues to be the first sweet island weddings, baptisms,  in joys and celebrations. Based on two natural products, whose production was abundant in Amorgos: – … Continue reading


When: 14/09/2012 (all-day)

Festival of the Holy Cross on top of Krikelos mountain the northern tip of the island. The festival is combined with 2.5 hours walking from the village of Lagada. Local dishes like patatato are offered.


When: 21/11/2012 (all-day)

The Presentation of Mary. Celebration of the Virgin Chozoviotissa, protector of Amorgos. Traditional dishes are offered like fava the previous day, and fish and pasteli the day of the celabration.  


When: 26/09/2012 (all-day)

Festival of Agios Ioannis Theologos at Aegiali (Krikelos). Traditional dishes are offered.


When: 15/08/2012 (all-day)

The Assumption of Mary. Icon of Panagia Katapoliani is carried around Katapola port. Feast at Langada (Virgin Epanochoriani) where traditional dishes are offered, with local music.

St. Paraskevi

When: 26/07/2012 (all-day)

Agia Paraskevi at Kolofana. The biggest festival of Amorgos, with traditional food, local music, dancing and large attendance believers from all over Greece.

Agion Anargiron

When: 01/07/2012 (all-day)

Agioi Anargiroi in Tholaria. Local food (patatato) is offered, followed by feasting and dancing.

Easter period

When: 09/04/2012 – 16/04/2012 (all-day)

Easter in Greece is the biggest holiday of the year and is even more important than Christmas, with week long celebrations and traditions. The Greek Orthodox Church plays a large role in the Greek Easter ‘Paska’ or ‘ Pascha’ celebrations. … Continue reading