The festivals are a custom unaltered over time and help in maintaining faith and Amorgian tradition. They are based on contribution of people of Amorgos.

A few days before each festival, residents of the island and the surrounding islands make offer gathering the necessary materials. Volunteer cookers prepare traditional dishes, which are “consecrated” by the priests and then offered to visitors the day before or the day of celebration. After that, feasts are performed in the village with local songs.

Major festivals in Amorgos are:

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  1. Jan

    1. Epiphany (all-day) @ amorgos
      Jan 6

      Blessing of the sea at Katapola and Aegiali.

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  2. Mar

    1. National Day (all-day)
      Mar 25

      Annuciation – Parades in Chora, Langada and Katapola

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  3. Apr

    1. Easter period (all-day)
      Apr 9 – Apr 16

      Easter in Greece is the biggest holiday of the year and is even more important than Christmas, with week long celebrations and traditions.

      The Greek Orthodox Church plays a large role in the Greek Easter ‘Paska’ or ‘ Pascha’ celebrations.

      Greek Orthodox Easter usually falls one week after the Western
      (Protestant, Catholic) Easter, while approximately once every four years it falls on the same date.

      The breathtaking scenery of the green and flowery Amorgos combined with local traditions, make Easter a unique, unforgettable experience.

      Easter period lasts two weeks. The Palm Sunday is the last Sunday of Lent and the first day of Holy Week.
      Maundy Thursday, also called Holy Thursday, recalls Jesus’s last meal and His arrest and imprisonment. Many Protestant churches hold Communion services on this day. Good Friday observes the death of Jesus on the cross. The same night, the procession of the Epitaphios. The roads from where Epitaphios passes are strewn with herbs which give off a heady scent. On Holy Saturday, the evening of the resurrection, offers a spectacular view of the numerous flares which spread in the sky.

      On Easter Sunday the icon of the Virgin Maria of Chozoviotissa is taken to the villages. Three icons begin simultaneously, one for Aegiali, one for Katomeria and the third for Chora and Katapola. On Sunday of Thomas they are returned to the monastery and accompanied by people from all over the island. It is a custom from the Byzantine era.


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  4. May

    1. Theologos (all-day)
      May 8

      Feast of Agios Ioannis Theologos in Aegiali, in Krikelos. Traditional food is offered and there is local music.

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  5. Jul

    1. Agion Anargiron (all-day)
      Jul 1

      Agioi Anargiroi in Tholaria. Local food (patatato) is offered, followed by feasting and dancing.

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  6. Jul

    1. St. Paraskevi (all-day)
      Jul 26

      Agia Paraskevi at Kolofana. The biggest festival of Amorgos, with traditional food, local music, dancing and large attendance believers from all over Greece.

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