The festivals are a custom unaltered over time and help in maintaining faith and Amorgian tradition. They are based on contribution of people of Amorgos.

A few days before each festival, residents of the island and the surrounding islands make offer gathering the necessary materials. Volunteer cookers prepare traditional dishes, which are “consecrated” by the priests and then offered to visitors the day before or the day of celebration. After that, feasts are performed in the village with local songs.

Major festivals in Amorgos are:

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  1. Jul

    1. Agiou Penteleimona (all-day)
      Jul 27

      Festival at the Katapola square.

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  2. Aug

    1. Christ’s Metamorphosis (all-day)
      Aug 6

      Christ’s Metamorphosis. It is celebrated with wine and live performances at the Chora’s square (Loza).

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  3. Aug

    1. Panagia (all-day)
      Aug 15

      The Assumption of Mary. Icon of Panagia Katapoliani is carried around Katapola port.

      Feast at Langada (Virgin Epanochoriani) where traditional dishes are offered, with local music.

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  4. Aug

    1. Giorti Pasteliou (all-day)
      Aug 17

      “Pasteli”, traditional favorite sweet of Amorgos, is honored once a year.

      “Pasteli” on lemon leaves continues to be the first sweet island weddings, baptisms,  in joys and celebrations. Based on two natural products, whose production was abundant in Amorgos:

      - Honey at three main versions, namely reikomelo (from the rich autumnal flowering “reikiou”), “magiatiko” (from spring blooming flowers) and “thumarisio” (from summer flowering thyme).

      - Sesame, which is not currently produced but before the production was great in Amorgos.

      In recent years, the Cultural Association of  Chora “Simonidis”, organized with great success in the first ten days of August the “Festival of pasteli” at Chora. This is a mini festival where traditional craftsmen with their assistants show the production of pastels, which are then distributed to the visitors. during the  preparation, but also after its end, local music is played, followed by a feast with raki and dances till dawn.

      Information about the “Festival of pasteli”:
      Cultural Association “Simonidis” Tel: +30 22850 74033



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  5. Sep

    1. Stavros (all-day)
      Sep 14

      Festival of the Holy Cross on top of Krikelos mountain the northern tip of the island. The festival is combined with 2.5 hours walking from the village of Lagada. Local dishes like patatato are offered.

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  6. Sep

    1. Theologos (all-day)
      Sep 26

      Festival of Agios Ioannis Theologos at Aegiali (Krikelos). Traditional dishes are offered.

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  7. Nov

    1. Chozoviotissa (all-day)
      Nov 21

      The Presentation of Mary. Celebration of the Virgin Chozoviotissa, protector of Amorgos. Traditional dishes are offered like fava the previous day, and fish and pasteli the day of the celabration.


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  8. Jan

    1. Epiphany (all-day) @ amorgos
      Jan 6

      Blessing of the sea at Katapola and Aegiali.

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  9. Mar

    1. National Day (all-day)
      Mar 25

      Annuciation – Parades in Chora, Langada and Katapola

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  10. May

    1. Theologos (all-day)
      May 8

      Feast of Agios Ioannis Theologos in Aegiali, in Krikelos. Traditional food is offered and there is local music.

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