Agios Georgios Valsamitis

On the road connecting Chora with Katomeria and just 4.5 km from Chora, Agios Georgios Valsamitis was built on top of a hill, over an ancient famous “ydromanteio”.

It is one of the most important churches of the island, a Vasilica of the 16th century, possibly built on the foundations of a church Paliochristianikis the 9th century and combines Ottoman and Byzantine architectural elements.

The name of the church is due to agriodiosmos or valsamos which grows in the surrounding area. From here begins an old path that reaches Katapola.

There is also a tower (in the Mission) probably of the 13th century which oversees the open sea and north and south. The temple became famous in the years of Ottoman rule because the prophetic qualities of spring which still flows, with much less intensity, inside. By the Byzantine era monastery was independent until it became part of Hozoviotissa.

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