The settlements of Xilokeratidi at the North, Rahidi at the middle and Katapola at the South underneath the mountain of the Ancient Minoa, provide the bay of the port with a special beauty.

Katapola is a very picturesque village of 380 residents with characteristic  Cycladic architecture, historical churches and beautiful beaches easily accessible on foot or by boat.

The port of Katapola is the main port of Amorgos and one of the best and safest natural harbors of the Cyclades and therefore safe anchorage for small boats.

It consists of three separate settlements, built around the harbor,  Xylokeratidi to the north, Rachidi in the middle and Katapola at south,  below the mountain of the ancient Minoa (Mountoulia). At entering the harbor we first notice the hill Mountoulia. There are interesting historical findings, residues important buildings of the Minoa city-state in historical times, the Stadium, the Gymnasium and the Temple of Dionysus. From the top of the hill we have spectacular view of the  Katapola bay, and the Aegean sea.

Other attractions are the pre-Christian church of Panagia Katapoliani, one of the oldest on the island, built on the foundations “palaio-christianiki Vasilikis” which was built on the ruins of an ancient temple of Apollon, the “Evagelistria” a remarkable Byzantine church in the 9th century at Xylokeratidi and historic chapel of the “Taxiarxis” and “Agia Eirini”, the picturesque church of “Agiow Panteleiomon”, the elementary school of Katapola, a classical architecture building, Katapoliani storied with cool tap water and the cave of Amorgos.

Beautiful beaches are kat’Akrotiri, Plakes, Maltezi, and outside the bay, Finikies, Tirokomos, Agioi Saranta.



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