The festivals are a custom unaltered over time and help in maintaining faith and Amorgian tradition. They are based on contribution of people of Amorgos.

A few days before each festival, residents of the island and the surrounding islands make offer gathering the necessary materials. Volunteer cookers prepare traditional dishes, which are “consecrated” by the priests and then offered to visitors the day before or the day of celebration. After that, feasts are performed in the village with local songs.

Major festivals in Amorgos are:

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  1. Jan

    1. Epiphany (all-day) @ amorgos
      Jan 6

      Blessing of the sea at Katapola and Aegiali.

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  2. Mar

    1. National Day (all-day)
      Mar 25

      Annuciation – Parades in Chora, Langada and Katapola

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