It is built at the north tip of the island and is the second harbour. The picturesque villages of Tholaria, Lagada and Potamos are all built amphitheatrically overlooking the bay and providing an intense beauty to the region. Ormos is the fourth village, built near the sea and provides the island’s best beach. Aigiali has got 430 inhabitants.


It is located at the northeast of the bay and offers the best view in the Aigiali area. Until recently you could go only on foot but a road has been constructed that saves visitors from the tiring walk.


Lagada is only 4 klms or five minutes by any transport means from Ormos. As the visitor goes down the road he faces the village edged in the green trees. Neat pearly white houses with their characteristic Cycladic architecture capture the attention. Lagada as it is amphitheatrically built overlooks the whole bay up to the little island of Nikouria. It is a beautiful place with its hotels and sea taverns ideal for easy-going holiday makers.


The fourth village of Aigiali, is at the northwest close to Vigla, which is the ancient city of Aigiali. It is 3,5 klms away from Ormos or 4 minutes by car. Visitors can stay at hotels, eat at fishtaverns buy what they need at minimarkets and enjoy peaceful holidays.

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