Beach with fine pebbles and crystal clear turquoise waters. you can reach it by following the road to Arkesini and after passing the intersection of Mouros will see the sign to Amoudi. After following a path of a 30′ you … Continue reading


The settlements of Xilokeratidi at the North, Rahidi at the middle and Katapola at the South underneath the mountain of the Ancient Minoa, provide the bay of the port with a special beauty. Katapola is a very picturesque village of … Continue reading


Beautiful sandy beach with clear water, near the port of Katapola. Ideal for families because of easy access and smooth bottom of the sea.

Rakomelo – Psimeni Raki

Rakomelo Rakomelo (Greek: ρακόμελο (or racomelo) from raki (ρακί) + meli (μέλι), meaning honey) is a warm mixed alcoholic drink. It is made by combining raki or Tsipouro with honey and several spices, such as cinnamon, cardamom, or other regional … Continue reading


This dish is a traditional recipe of Amorgos. The permanent residents serve it on New Year’s Day for good luck and to have a good harvest. Ingredients: – 1 kilo of wheat cleaned and peeled – 1 onion – 6 … Continue reading

Amorgiano Patatato

Patatato (boiled potatoes with goat meat) is a very common dish in Amorgos. It is widely cooked in panigiria (religious festivals) and can be easily found in many taverns around the island. Occasionally it can be prepared with lamb or … Continue reading


One of the nicest beaches of Amorgos, a nudist beach, accessible in 20 minute walk from Aegialis village, or by regular boat crossings. Very beautiful sandy beach in Aegiali bay, 1km distance from the port. You can get there by … Continue reading

Agios Pavlos

Beautiful beach with crystal clear waters in the north side of the island, close to Aegiali (5 km.), opposite the island of Nikouria. You can reach by car or bus. Also on the beach there are boats on regular basis … Continue reading